• How do I upgrade from AimHappy Lite to AimHappy?

    AimHappy is available to install via Zendesk Marketplace. This will setup a subscription for you. After that, AimHappy Lite can be uninstalled.

  • Where is my data stored?

    We do not store any customer ticket information, instead only storing the ticket ID, status and sentiment. All sentiment analysis is done via our web API.

  • How do you know the sentiment of the ticket?

    We use machine learning to detect the parts of an email that need to be sent for sentiment analysis. We pre-process the ticket using machine learning to discard parts of the email like disclaimers, sign-offs and technical information like logs. Our sentiment service uses sentiment analysis tools to give each relevant sentence a sentiment score on a scale of 1-3:

    1. Very positive
    2. Positive
    3. Negative
  • How does the sentiment affect the ticket?

    We display the sentiment of the ticket in the dashboard and the ticket sidebar. We will also auto-prioritise new tickets in Zendesk based on the detected ticket sentiment. The rules to set the ticket priority based on the sentiment are:

    • Very negative = Urgent
    • Positive = Normal
    • Very positive = Low

    To enable this, you will need to opt in to enable auto-prioritisation of tickets via the AimHappy dashboard configuration screen. 

  • Can you auto-reply to my tickets?

    We have developed an automated reply system solution that detects the intention of the customer email and handles the workflow of the ticket back to Zendesk. If you are interested, please contact us about AimHappy Pro.

  • Why did I receive an email from my Zendesk instance saying "the target has been temporarily disabled due to too many failures"?

    If you receive an email notification from your Zendesk instance saying something similar to:

    "The target 'AI Helper Target' has been temporarily disabled due to too many failures. You can re-enable the target from Settings > Extensions > Targets to continue sending messages to the target, but please check the possible reason of these failures by testing the target first."

    This suggests that there have been errors occurring when AimHappy has tried to hit our API endpoint via the Zendesk trigger. This might be during priority updates of tickets, for example. 

    Zendesk users with admin access can:

    • View the error logs at https://[yourzendeskinstancehere].zendesk.com/agent/admin/api/target_failures/
    • Re-enable the API extension at https://[yourzendeskinstancehere].zendesk.com/agent/admin/extensions

    We would recommend you contact us to let us know if this has happened, and we will investigate to get AimHappy up and running again.


  • Why can't I see the AimHappy app in the ticket sidebar?

    In order to view the AimHappy app, or other Zendesk apps that have a sidebar view, click "Apps" in the top right of your Zendesk dashboard:

    Apps view in Zendesk

    After this, you should see the AimHappy dashboard sidebar view.

  • AimHappy app isn't loading in incognito mode (Chrome)

    In incognito mode in Google Chrome browser (Settings > Privacy & Security > Cookies and other site data), third-party cookies may be blocked: 

    Block third-party cookies in incognito

    AimHappy Lite is a Zendesk app that relies on third-party cookies in order to function. If you are comfortable allowing third-party cookies in incognito mode, you can change this setting here. However, this is entirely your decision regarding your use of incognito mode in Chrome. If you do enable third-party cookies, AimHappy will begin working again.   

    Allow all cookies in Chrome incognito mode

  • What browsers do you support?

    We support evergreen browsers (e.g. Chrome, Edge, Firefox and Safari). Since this is a Zendesk app, we have the same system requirements as Zendesk.

  • Why does nothing happen when I click TV Mode in AimHappy full?

    For TV Mode to work, please ensure that you have enabled pop-ups for your Zendesk site on your browser of choice.

  • What happens to my data after I delete the application?

    When you remove the AimHappy application from your Zendesk instance, during a scan AimHappy will detect that the data no longer needs to be stored. After a set period of time (7 days), all your data will be deleted from our database.

  • What happens if I don't use the application for a while?
    AimHappy regularly checks whether you are actively using it.
    • For AimHappy Lite, if you don't use the application for 7 days, then eventually your data will be removed
    • For the AimHappy full paid version of the application, we don't delete data until you decide to uninstall AimHappy (after a grace period of 7 days)
  • I'm noticing issues with my AimHappy dashboard data, it doesn't seem right. What should I do?

    If you have noticed any discrepancies with the data in the dashboard and your Zendesk data, or you have had errors flagged about the AimHappy Connection, please resync the data. Any differences in sentiment may be because we have made improvements to our app since your tickets were analysed.

    Sync data

    Please go to Configuration and click the "Sync Data" button. This button will force AimHappy to re-sync its local data with that in Zendesk.